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Nova Coach, Inc. is a Georgia based company that provides medical equipment transport services and customized vehicles for the transport of mobile medical equipment. 

   Transportation Services - Nova Coach, Inc. specializes in the transport of medical equipment that is ready for use in the medical facility.  Our trucks are equipped to maintain ambient temperature, and OEM approved transport devices allows us to transport the equipment without the usual crating - this is especially important when it comes to OEM equipment demos and emergency replacement deliveries.  We also 'run' mobile routes to relief drivers on vacation, or 'jump in' when vehicles of mobile litho service providers are down.  This helps to prevent interruption in their service and loss of revenue.

  Additional services include:  FDA mandated OEM equipment roadtests, FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation) support, as well as consulting services to businesses or partnerships with respect to transportation and specialized vehicle use.

   Transport Vehicle Sales Most of the medical equipment in use today is designed to be mobile and will be used at multiple locations.  Transporting the equipment requires specially designed trucks that meet the medical equipment manufactures requirements which in turn, protect the medical services providers from down time due to transport related issues.  Nova Coach, Inc. works with OEMs to develop vehicle concepts that meet the OEM's standards and pleases the service providers with features that allow for safe and convenient transport.  We work with private practitioners and/or partnerships to meet their needs and support them 'all the way'

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